The long Voyage to professional piracy – Part 29 - The bicycle distraction -

The long Voyage to professional piracy – Part 29 – The bicycle distraction

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Thanks for tuning in...! It is a long journey to becoming a professional children's theatre artist. This blog is the transformational tale of how Dustin Anderson became the children's icon, The Purple Pirate. It is a non direct route of challenges and distractions overcome by perseverance and self discovery. I am going to step back in time as I forgot to mention our first cycling trip in 2002...The beginning of my bicycle distraction. I have always had grand thoughts. Our friend Jon Blenkhorn was getting into cycling as well and I thought it would be easy enough to get up at 4 am and ride 30 kph for the entire day and get to my home town, Port Hardy by evening which was 400 kms away. I convinced Farah and Jon that it was possible as well. :0) DCP_1871Both Jon and I were nervous and didn't sleep that night. Sleeping in any situation is one of Farah's many gifts. Jon is an athletic man and could carry his own gear.  I had made a cargo trailer from a kids trailer that could carry lots of stuff and thought if I carried all of Farah's we would be in good shape. DCP_1910 We made the ferry and I believe we all had a nap. It was  beautiful day and we got to Parksville feeling pretty good and when we got to Bowser we were done. I remember saying that I was tired and would like to find a place to stay. Both Jon and Farah let out a sigh of relief. They were both happy that they didn't have to convince me to stop.   DCP_1907 We stayed the next couple nights at Bowser Bills. Jon and I rode up to Courtney the next day and Farah rested in the cabin. It was great trip. We didn't get even close to Port Hardy but we really enjoyed the freedom of being on the road...and a seed was planted. DCP_1911 Step forward a couple years.... I have always believed the role modeling and more effective than words which is the reason I cycled to the Banff Television Festival. When I was a child I was always irritated by "Do as I say not as I do". When I returned from the festival I sold my truck and motorcycle. I believed that if committed to being car free and leading by example then Canadians would get behind the Purple Pirate and my future would be set. I traded my truck for a small sum of money and some cycling shoes to one friend and sold my motorcycle to another. Farah and I were nervous but ready to try car free living. Farah and I bought our first tandem shortly after. 106-0611_IMG Bicycle touring became a bigger part of our world and I started to dream of exploring the planet. The picture above is the first day of our Haida Gwaii trip. It was a great trip for our relationship. The tandem is also called "The divorcycle" for a very good reason. There will always be a stronger person in a bicycle touring group and then you don't ride together very often. I called it yo-yo ing. My idea was that a tandem would be great for us to travel faster as a team. The reality is that the stronger rider travels slower than he would on his own but the group travels faster. This was learned the hard hard headed way that is. We rode up faster than Farah felt comfortable riding down and I had an unrealistic desire to ride faster. One day we passed a solo cyclist and then started to argue (because of me) so we would stop and the cyclist would pass us . We would start cycling again and pass her then start arguing again, stop and she would pass up. This happened a number of times and then the issue broke and we came together stronger. This was a grand learning about about communication and compromise. Here is the video. 

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