The long Voyage to professional piracy – Part 27 - Blue Collar & Islam -

The long Voyage to professional piracy – Part 27 – Blue Collar & Islam

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Thanks for tuning in...! It is a long journey to becoming a professional children's theatre artist. This blog is the transformational tale of how Dustin Anderson became the children's icon, The Purple Pirate. Dancing with the Karen Jamieson was not only interesting but I had the opportunity to work with some amazing performers. Alisoun Payne was/is this incredible dynamo of a dancer. It was a spectacular experience to dance with her. Below are pictures from Raven of the Roundhouse.   34 Byron Chief Moons was another great performer that also had a dance group, Coyote Arts Percussive Performance Association. He hired me for residencies at the Banff Centre of the Arts and performances in Toronto and also video. It was a fantastic experience. Byron Chief Moon is a wonderful human being, great performer and always went of his way to make people feel special. CAPPACAST   Brian Webb invited me to choreograph for the upcoming season. I created a piece based on my experience in the  Blue Collar world and invited a good buddy of mine, Walter Kubanek to dance with me. MVC-584F     I built a large wooden structure that Walter and I climbed over and danced around. Heavy physical labour with artistic intent was really fulfilling for me. Have a Look . This was a very fulfilling process for me but I didn't have the confidence to promote Blue Collar to other festivals or venues. Mvc-181m Once it was over I did small contracts for other companies in the lower mainland. There is a different aesthetic and physical demand between the west and the east. I have always been a very physical person and had that expectation of my dance work and training . Vancouver at that time had a different focus and I was frustrated. September 11th, 2001 changed the world and mine for the better. I watched the television on that day and for the next period of time and was influenced by the media's demonisation of Islam. Then one day in November I met a beautiful woman named Farah Nazarali. This woman was really smart, conscientious, and....muslim! All the fear mongering about muslims that I was starting to believe was erased. I had travelled but I wouldn't say I was worldly. My view of the world was changed with how I saw people of developing nations treated on the cruise ship. Farah had a huge depth of knowledge of the world and helped my global conscience grow. 13 years later we are married and still growing together. I was unfulfilled with where my dance career was going and made a choice, with Farah's support, to focus on performing for children. I love to dance but I didn't know how to realise that dream in a city that wasn't focussed on the aesthetic I was interested in so I decided to retire. It was a difficult choice but I didn't see a great future for me in the climate and lifestyle that I prefered. I have realised that this blog is about the life lessons that I have been presented with and that this is a great opportunity for me. Life Lesson: Meeting Farah taught me that first hand experience matters not what people say. 122-2295_IMG  

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