The long Voyage to professional piracy – Part 24 - Kangaroos and the final leg of the Australian Odyssey -

The long Voyage to professional piracy – Part 24 – Kangaroos and the final leg of the Australian Odyssey

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Thanks for tuning in...! It is a long journey to becoming a professional children's performer. This blog is the transformational tale of how Dustin Anderson became the children's icon, The Purple Pirate. By the time we got to Perth we were pretty tired. We stayed with a good friend Zac for a few days and then started to make our way east. There were a few things we wanted to see like the Wave Rock and Margaret river on that side but ultimately we were getting to the end. We met a couple young men from Tasmania that were touring around in a car. We decided to travel the Nullarbor plain together. 2000 kilometres of straight, flat and inhabited road...with a gas station in the middle. There were "short" road works of 50 kilometres of dirt road. This was unnerving on a loaded touring motorcycle with two people. We were very lucky to have the car for Cindy to ride for those stretches. The Nullarbor was a two day trip for us and on the second day we left late and found ourselves travelling at night which is really dangerous as the Kangaroos come out. We hadn't seen any in the wild until that night. Cindy road in the car and I stayed as close to the cars rear bumper as I could to avoid being taken out by one of those creatures. It was a white knuckle ride but we made it through. A quick aside....(The goal of the blog is to be an entertaining journey for you but it is also a very interesting process in self discovery for me as I relive some of these experiences that imprinted on my subconscious. Performing for children isn't nearly as dangerous as some of these Australian adventures....but the accumulative experiences of ones life shape how they approach their present life. In other words...When I am performing at night I am still on the look out for jumping marsupials!) We rode through Adelaide and the The Great Ocean Road past the 12 Apostles.  Cindy's mom went ill so she had to back to Holland from Melbourne. She flew out and I met up with some old friends and tied up some loose ends. It was nice to be back. I really like that city. 2521 The last part of the trip through Sydney and up through New South Wales was nice but I was ready to start my life again so I pushed through and didn't stop much. It was getting cold as well....this is a relative Australian scale...not a Canadian one. I arrived in Brisbane and stayed with another friend Peter. He helped me sell the bike and then I flew home. It was time for me to be Canadian again. As much as I liked many aspects of Toronto I was afraid of the winter and smog so Cindy and I had decided to move to Vancouver. What are the life lessons of this trip for me? I keep coming back to Les Browns' expression "JUMP...and grow your wings on the way down". We really didn't know what we were getting ourselves into and how dangerous some of those moments would be. It challenged our focus and determination several times. We were really scared for our lives and that made us push through. It is pretty amazing at the focus possible when you feel your life at risk. Another adventure concludes and another begins...  

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