The long Voyage to professional piracy – Part 21 - Road Trains and Near death experience #2 -

The long Voyage to professional piracy – Part 21 – Road Trains and Near death experience #2

By May 16, 2014Uncategorized
Thanks for tuning in...! If you have ever wondered how a man goes from a bike courier to  commercial fisherman/ logger to dancer to world traveller, and then children's performer you have come to the right place. This is the story of how Dustin Anderson found his performing identity the Purple Pirate...and the adventures along the way! I remember being on the highway leaving Darwin with the constant fear of being hammered by a massive storm. We went for  ride once and a storm hit. We couldn't see anything so we turned around and went back. The roads were a wash. It was too dangerous for us. Heading west on the only road to Broome we would frequently see Road Trains, really long and efficient transport trucks carrying goods through the Outback.  These amazing machines travel fast and take a long time to start and stop. The road was mostly flat and really straight so we could pass them fairly safely. We were passing one Road Train at about 150 kph and I saw an Emu crossing the road about a kilometre ahead. This gave me a bad feeling so I scanned as saw another following and going to cross in our path. I couldn't just slam on the brakes as we had the Road Train right behind us. It was terrifying but I tried to time where the emu would be as try to pass. I remember this like it was yesterday...It was right in front of our wind screen and even though we didn't collide with tumbled off the road. We must have been pushing so much air that we pushed it too. I am getting tense and nervous just typing about this experience. We stopped about 10 kms down the road and tried to relax. The driver of the Road Train came in shortly after and said that he saw everything and was prepared to go around us. I don't know how that would be possible and am very grateful he didn't need to stop to sweep our bodies from the road. Northern Western Australia is beautiful. I remember lots of red mountains. It was so hot that we would soak our shirts (no leather jackets) and within 5 minutes on the road they would be dry again. We would freeze 2 litre pop bottles full of water at night and drink through straws while we were riding to stay hydrated. It was amazing. We arrived in Derby and were going to camp. As we looked for a camping place we were welcomed by a huge swarm of massive mosquitoes and even though we had ridden around 800 kms that day we decided to ride on to Broome. I have never liked mosquitoes. I respect their place in the food cycle but I still don't like them. We went for our first dip in the ocean in Broome to cool off...and it was like a bath tub. It was unbelievably unsatisfying. We made a German friend Dieter at this time as well. He was so different from us. We used our tourist map and travelled on our motorcycle. 117-1792_IMG He was in a 4 by 4 with gear for almost any scenario. He was helpful and we really enjoyed his company...His help was soon to be needed again....

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