The long Voyage to professional piracy – Part 20 - Rumba de la Removalist! -

The long Voyage to professional piracy – Part 20 – Rumba de la Removalist!

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Thanks for tuning in...! If you have ever wondered how a man goes from a bike courier to  commercial fisherman/ logger to dancer to world traveller, and then children's performer you have come to the right place. This is the story of how Dustin Anderson found his performing identity the Purple Pirate...and the adventures along the way! We left Alice Springs and went north to Darwin. We had run out of fuel a couple times now and were really lucky to have encountered some really kind people. We  didn't want to have to keep waiting in the middle of nowhere for help so we started carrying a jerry can...there are some really big distances between fuel stops in the outback. We stayed at a backpackers for a short time and made another Peter....this time McGrath. A fellow motorcyclist and out door enthusiast. It was quiet at the hostel as it was coming into.... wet season. In Canada we have Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. In the tropics...It is either wet or dry. Wet is summer and it is quite something. It is so hot and humid that you are always "wet"...Sticky and smelly... all day. The heat builds up in the morning and then massive tropical storms from all the moisture in the air. They don't last long but are very intense. Darwin is a pretty amazing place. It is a fair size and quite isolated. It has all the modern conveniences and it is a long distance from another large centre. It has biting ants, and for 3 months a year it gets surf. With that surf there are massive salt water crocodiles, great white sharks, and poisonous jelly fish. I never saw any of those in the wild but I tried. We did go to a crocodile farm and saw a 4 metre long one. It was pretty awesome.

the caricature is of Charlie Arbon...Pretty close resemblance too.

I got a job working for Arbons removalists. The greatest lesson of this part of the journey for me was that working relationships can really influence the enjoyment of the work. Working with Wayne and Charlie Arbon was a true pleasure. Moving furniture is difficult work but Wayne and I would laugh all day long. Even when we were carrying a several hundred pound hardwood couch down a winding staircase or pack a 5 bedroom house into a semi trailer we would enjoy ourselves and work as a team. This experience taught me how important team work really is.  As much as I enjoyed my working environment I still had unfinished business with dance. I taught dance at a local dance studio and even influenced Wayne Arbon. There was  a television program called Hey Hey Its Saturday and we were preparing to make our TV debut VIDEO HERE. Few people have had the pleasure of true teamwork...and everyone should. The freedom to work at your capacity with encouragement is liberating. It is a guiding principle of my present ethos as the Purple Pirate. Everyone, including the adults, in the audience deserves to enjoy the performance. I look at my audience as my team and look for every opportunity to make everyone feel included and part of the action. I learned this from a couple of blue collar men in a very isolated place, doing back breaking work in a terrible climate.  Thanks Charlie and Wayne!

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