The long voyage to professional piracy - Part 2 - Jump!...and grow your wings on the way down -

The long voyage to professional piracy – Part 2 – Jump!…and grow your wings on the way down

By April 16, 2014Uncategorized
While at Malaspina I learned about the theatre arts program at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton. They had a large dance component which really interested me. My Solid Gold dreams could be realised! I booked the time off from the rig in Grande Prairie and was supposed to be rehearsing and preparing for the audition. The problem was that I was wiped out at the end of an oil rig working day. I convinced an acquaintance of mine to drive me to Edmonton and we went to a night club the night before the audition. I wasn't very disciplined in those days and consequently I was really tired for the audition. I did the best I could, sprinkled with some 19 year old emotion and felt that I did poorly. I was very disappointed with myself and returned to Grande Prairie deflated....a few weeks later I learned that I was accepted! I moved to Edmonton shortly after to be with a woman that I met at the night club the night before the audition. I was not the most emotionally stable person at that stage of my life . A month later I fled from Edmonton and vowed never to return. Never say never was out of my range of comprehension for me at that time. I ran to Victoria by invitation of a friend. I started working as a Kabuki Cab operator and made a good friend from Australia, Peter Kennedy. Neither of us were good salesmen. My fragile self esteem was terrified of rejection so I wasn't the most successful at selling rides...but I was enjoying the development of a long term friendship. A great way to spend a summer in Victoria as a 19 year old man. When the summer was coming to an end I got a job as black jack dealer for Great Canadian Casinos. I had the hand eye coordination but I am an early riser by nature and didn't have the emotional maturity to be around drunk people. I was let go at the end of my 3 month trial period. This was perfect for me as I had gotten a job as a bike courier for Demand dispatch and loved that job. Peter and I shared a flat with another man. All cyclists and young. We had a lot of fun. We would go out and I would dance all night long...I loved to dance and still had that dream in my subconscious. Peter and I had some loose plans (very loose...we were 20...:0) ) to cycle around Europe. Peter had saved a little money. I had a river-like relationship with money at the time ... it flowed through my hands. His Canadian visa was expiring and we weren't ready so we decided to go to his home on the Gold Coast in Queensland to earn some money in the service industry. I flew there with one year work visa, 200 dollars, a one way ticket, and no medical insurance. Les Brown has a saying..."Jump! and grow your wings on the way down."   That is how I lived my life until I was around 40. I have had some fantastic experiences because of it. Now I find that a more directed approach works better for me...  

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