The long Voyage to professional piracy – Part 19 - Down Unda 2 -

The long Voyage to professional piracy – Part 19 – Down Unda 2

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If you are just tuning in...Thanks! This blog is a haphazard auto-biography of how Dustin Anderson discovered the treasure of performing for children and became the Purple on with the entry! CIndy and I were tired and ready to get on with our travels.  I flew home to get my Australian visa and Cindy went back to Holland. We met up in Brisbane a couple weeks later. Peter Kennedy allowed us to stay with him when we first arrived. I was determined to get started so we started looking for used motorcycles right away even though we were still jet lagged. We rented a car and when we were out looking I drove into a car door...slowly. This resulted in us losing our damage deposit. We felt the rental car owner took some advantage of us and we started the trip with this emotional challenge. After a short period of time it didn't matter which is very interesting. Emotions can run very high and if you let them...they dissipate. The challenge is letting go! We found a Kawasaki GT 750 with saddle bags and got a back rest fabricated. It would suit our needs well. We had a lot of stuff...and on the first day out we got delayed because we were too loaded on the rear and had to buy a tank bag to move some of the weight forward. That worked well enough. 34   The adventure began and it was exciting to be on the road on a motorcycle....doing something I had dreamed about a decade earlier. At the time I didn't realise that I was accomplishing a dream. Cindy had her motorcycle license as well which was great to be able to share the piloting duties. What she didn't tell was that she didn't have that much experience. She got the hang of it though.

This was our map. The highlighted trail around the outer edge was our route.

We needed help a couple times and people were really kind and generous. Exploring Northern Queensland and stopping in the WhitSundays for a snorkel,  Fraser Island to hang with the dingos was really incredible. The only drawback for me was that there were a lot of tourists. I feel that if I want to meet and be around Canadians I will  stay in Canada so I was anxious to get off the beaten track. I was starting to get anxious because I wasn't dancing or performing. I hadn't done much personal work at that stage because I didn't understand the value. Acceptance was very difficult for me. I saw a therapist in Holland when Cindy and I were living there. Some healing and understanding started but the ability to run away was easy and I got to avoid myself for a little longer... We went all the way up to Cairns and the wet season was coming so we didn't stay. We headed to the centre and to Alice Springs. We met up with a really nice family from Zimbabwe and stayed with them in Alice Springs. I really connected with the teenage boys and it was nice to sleep in air conditioning. I was quite stubborn and had a poverty mentality so when we decided to go to Uluru I wanted to do it in a day. It is 467 kms one way and I was...stubborn. There is no speed limit in the outback and thought we could do it fast. We almost got wiped out by a car that was thinking the same thing. Cindy and I had a disagreement about going back right away. I also didn't want to climb it out of respect for the aboriginal people. She opted out of walking around it so I went on my own. I had no spiritual interest at that time but when I walked around it I could feel that there was something going on there. Uluru is a very interesting place. The Devils Marbles is also quite interesting...and lots and lots of flies.

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