The long Voyage to professional piracy – Part 18 - One dream achieved -

The long Voyage to professional piracy – Part 18 – One dream achieved

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If you are just tuning in...Thanks! This blog is a haphazard auto-biography of how Dustin Anderson discovered the treasure of performing for children and became the Purple on with the entry! I was more focussed on skating around Europe than I was on the job. Steve fell in love, jumped ship and I kept skating.

Having fun with some local kids in Sicily and Debbie my dance captain.


I loved to fly.

Steve was replaced by a character named John Bartram,  a legend. John became my roommate and we had alot of fun. We would laugh and fool around...all the time. We had a weekly bet to see who could find the cheapest bottle of wine in Marseille every week. He was from Liverpool and was naturally quite a bit more adept at that game than I. I would have a couple sips and pass out.

We would stop passengers to take pictures with us as they entered the ship. A duty that was part of the glory of being a dancer on the ship.

  I fell in love with a woman named Cindy from Holland and when the contract was up we went to her hometown, Heesch. I was really happy to be finished with the Cruise Ship. You need a different personality type than mine to survive that world. It wasn't for me long term but I had some great experiences and learning. Holland was quite different as well. I was about 30 cms shorter than everyone and had long hair. People would stare at me. I had been weight training since my teen age years and started working out at a squash centre in Oss. It had an old style machine and I could easily bench press the stack. When I asked if there was more weight and explained the owner didn't believe that I could do it. When I showed him he offered me a job on the spot. Funny.

This was part of the marketing plan of the Centre. I was doing a straddle jump.

I taught aerobics and trained clients. Dutch people are friendly but it is a very different culture than I was comfortable with...and I thought I still wanted to dance. I even did a children's birthday party with the help of Cindy. Mijn Nederlands Prata niet zo goed! We struggled and decided to move to the Canary Islands. We lived in a small village near Puerto Rico and the weather was hot...really hot. The Spanish lifestyle is focussed on the night and I thrive when I go to be at 9 pm. I got a job at the gym. Better Bodies,  and taught at gym, and choreographed for a local fitness model.

Sylvia, my boss and I believe this man was Mr. England at the time. I was wearing a shirt my gramma gave me.

  The owner also owned a bar and night club that I worked at as well. We had decided to save money to travel around Australia by motorcycle. A dream that I had from my first trip there in 1990. When I was really broke on the Gold Coast I dreamed of buying a motorcycle and exploring the country...  A seed was planted. Steve and Clare came down to earn money with us ...and we went out for dinner one night and were robbed. It was awful. They lost a fair amount of New Zealand dollars and had to leave. We spent the last few months there in fear. It was far less than ideal so we buckled down and worked really hard. I would serve breakfast at my bosses restaurant from 8am till I had to open the gym at 11am then work at the bar until 4am. It was crazy. I was so tired but pushed through. The 100-120 hour work weeks paid off and we had enough money to move onto the next adventure. Another dream comes true: When I was in elementary school I dreamed of bench pressing 250 pounds. I thought it would make me Hercules. The seed was planted. While working at the gym I had the opportunity to train consistently. One day I thought I would "go for max bench". I pushed 120 kilos (264 pounds) for a strict repetition. It was a grand goal achieved for me. I was very pleased. In this blog writing I am seeing that there is a grand life lesson in these dreams coming true for me....I don't have the exact answer but it might become more clear as this journey continues...Thanks for coming along. :0 )

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