The long Voyage of professional piracy – Part 33 - The pain and glory -

The long Voyage of professional piracy – Part 33 – The pain and glory

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Thanks for tuning in...! It is a long journey to becoming a professional children's theatre artist. This blog is the transformational tale of Dustin Anderson's journey as children's icon, The Purple Pirate. It is a non direct route of challenges and distractions overcome by perseverance and self discovery.

The look on this guys face captures the confusion of people when they saw us on the bike.

Farah has a higher aptitude at planning than I and left a time buffer to travel Northern Ontario. Even then we had a little over a week to get to Ottawa. It was hot and the black flies were relentless. When we arrived at the Terry Fox memorial we were both emotionally moved. That mans courage and perseverance made a huge impact on both of us. IMG_3396   We had to push so hard that we would leave really late. When it is hot the late afternoon wind can get pretty strong. It is always best to leave really early. We had good average speed on each day but the later we left the more stress of finding a hotel to stay at. There was one evening that the sun was dropping and we pulled into a town that had no rooms for rent. So we had to cycle for another 30 minutes to get to a place that had one last room. It was stressful but we pulled it off. DSCN0237s People told us about the Northern Ontario roads having a lot of truck traffic. We found it quite quiet and the truckers were really professional and courteous with us. They left alot of room. The rolling hill of Northern Ontario were really fun. Sometime we had enough momentum and speed to roll over two more hills....then grind up the next one.

The cycling across Canada weight loss program!

I reviewed our blog entries from the trip and almost everyone mentioned how tired we were. HERE is a video of Farah explaining in detail.  We had a whole bunch of days over 150 kms in a row and several over 200. People were really friendly and of course curious. The pictures below was taken by one of the people that were so intrigued by the machine that he pulled over to talk to us...and let us enjoy a little of the airconditioning in his van. DSCN0234s shelleyandfamily Seeing the Ottawa sign was incredible. We knew we were going to make it. IMG_3527   Getting to the Parliament on time for our press meeting was a challenge but arriving in Ottawa was incredible. I was pretty skinny by that time.     PP-Farah-Parliment Then we had several parades to participate in. Notice in this photo that Farah is pedalling and I am not. It was time for me to take a break and enjoy the ride. LG-2006-06-04-012   This one was with a group of families that came out to see the Purple Pirate in action. It was glorious.     parade It was a dream come true to cycle "mostly" across Canada. My memories up until reviewing the blogs and photos were of the glory...but it was hard work to get up every morning with an agenda. Cycle touring is much better when you don't have a deadline. The way the 5000 for health was done lead to stress and more pain than necessary. The Canada Dance Festival itself was a great event. I am really grateful to Brian Webb and his crew for the great opportunity. HERE is a video of photos of the entire trip that showed in bicycle film festivals.

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