The long Voyage of professional piracy – Part 32 - Almost a divorcycle -

The long Voyage of professional piracy – Part 32 – Almost a divorcycle

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Thanks for tuning in...! It is a long journey to becoming a professional children's theatre artist. This blog is the transformational tale of Dustin Anderson journey as children's icon, The Purple Pirate. It is a non direct route of challenges and distractions overcome by perseverance and self discovery. The story of the Purple Pirate convincing his faithful first mate Farah to cycle to Ottawa from Vancouver....continues. Our first night on the road was a late one so we slept in. We left Chilliwack at 11:30 am...way too late to head into the mountains on a loaded tandem with little daylight or warmth. We hadn't reached our destination and found ourselves in darkness on the windy and steep number three road. To Farahs' surprise and pleasure I said we should try to hail a truck and get a ride the last 40 kms. It was too dangerous. On the third try the 4 metre long bike fit into a truck. When we arrived I offered to take the man for a ride on the back, tried to do a slow turn with him, hit some gravel and crashed. He was a little shaken but not angry. Ooops.IMG_2628 The most memorable moments of BC was cycling for 4 and a half hours up the Blueberry Paulsen....4.5 hours of climbing...It was grueling. We were going so slow and my ego was acting up. I kept pestering Farah about not pedalling....Until she had enough and said she would get off at the next town if I was to keep behaving that way. Needless to say I was tuned up instantly. At that moment I got a window into my behaviour and decided that I would rather do the trip with her than without. One of the best decisions I have ever made. HERE is a video of the climb Every time I meet couples that have just started tandeming together I try to plant a profound seed with the man about how important relaxing is and to enjoy the ride. Some are open, some men understand already and some will have to learn the hard way like me.IMG_2721 We got hailed and rained on twice in BC and that was the total precipitation for the entire trip. Crossing over into Alberta was really exciting. By the time we got to Saskatchewan my metabolism was elevated to such an incredible level I thought I could digest a work boot. We learned alot about diet. Small town diner pancakes are fun for a couple days and then they become undesirable for a long long time. IMG_2857 The prairies sky is something to witness. The endless sea of blue is really captivating. At one point heading south on the number 1 highway we were in an ethereal bubble. I looked at our speedo and we were travelling at 50 kph...effortlessly. A prairie tailwind is a thing of glory.IMG_2923 We met some amazing people in small town Canada. We would roll in and Farah would go in and buy food. I would stay with the bike. When she would come out a crowd of people would be around the bike asking questions (the same ones every time) and laughing at our trials and tribulations. We made some great friends at Bikes and Beyond bike shop in Winnipeg. A great owner and staff. The roads of Manitoba are not as friendly. Massive potholes litter the roadways like the province has been bombed and no shoulder on the highway. IMG_3035 We had precision communication by the time we had decided that because Farah could see what was approaching if she thought we were in danger of being hit she would say "OFF" I would steer us onto the gravel shoulder - no questions asked. A semi-truck got pinched in and couldn't change lane...Farah said off and I steered us off the 30kph. We crashed...or at least I did and when I looked up from the dirt she was standing.  At the beginning of the trip I told her that if we go down get off the bike...she did...I couldn't and we had a laugh.IMG_3154 We both kept blogs. I logged kilometers, average, top speed and events. Farah logged feelings. It is a wonderful life!

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