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Theatre for Schools

The Purple Pirate has performed for school districts across the country (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario) and has worked with provincial educational non-profits such as Think First!, Active and Safe Routes to School Program (MB), in developing specific programs that fulfill the mission of these organizations.

A Pirate at a Highschool? Are teens too old for Pirates?

Dustin loves communicating with teenagers. His respectful manner and candid approach to the high school audience puts them at ease which helps them enjoy Message in Bottle. When Dustin was invited to perform for BC School District 85, he realised that he had something valuable to offer teenagers. Message in a Bottle Performance includes a Q& A focussed on the theme of bullying (specifically, Dustin's personal story of bullying) and 'Pursuing Your Passion' and what it means to succeed as professional artist.

How do the high school and elementary presentations differ?

The presentations differ in the theme and the depth of the discussion during the Q & A. Before the show starts Dustin's speaks candidly about about chasing his dream of being a professional performer. He respectfully acknowledges that high schools might not be accustomed to having Pirates present, but he invites the audience to use their imagination and connect with the wonder of seeing things through the eyes of a child. Message in a Bottle will engage the audience with its many visuals and a powerful soundtrack.
The post show Q & A is where Dustin's goes into depth of his experience with bullying, growing up with a violent alcoholic parent and never feeling safe. Like most bullies, he became a bully  because he didn't feel secure at home and learned that the way to exercise power was through bullying. The goal is to shine a light into the life of a bully and offer compassion to bullies and offer them forgiveness to help them and their victims heal.

Message in a Bottle - Anti-bullying presentation

Message in a Bottle is a 42 minute immersive theatrical production created  to engage all different learning styles and provide a platform for teachers to discuss the cycle of bullying. Message in a Bottle shows the bully as a person that is making choices with the poor information they have been given.  "Mesmerizing" describes this state of the art production that turns your gymnasium into your own theatre with its professional lighting and sound system. 42 minutes Click HERE to go to our Media page for high resolution pictures and the  Tech-rider is HERE. ***Does your school have a small population or limited funds? Our mission is to share this important lesson to every student possible. Contact us to learn about the different ways to bring this work to your students. This program links with the Random Acts of Kindness Program. This is a fantastic program.