Dance and Children -

Dance and Children

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I have loved to dance since I was a child and in my experience this is true for most children. Most cultures dance socially at some capacity. Dance reality shows brings highly technical dance to the masses and alienates people because the technical level( and risk with much of the mens choreography) is inconceivable for most people. Soul train was a fantastic program because it had regular people enjoying the latest club music in a really social setting and very accessible. I have also had the luck and naivete to show up at a large audition with no training and get that gig. I got distracted and then left my blue collar work in a northern British Columbia community to move to Edmonton start serious training the age of 24. I have never regretted a moment of risk, fear and stress to dance. I have been kinaesthetic since conception and excelled in individual sports. I never understood the choices that people make in the heat of competition in team sports...unless they were true team players...which I have rarely experienced. Dancing satisfied my need to sweat and move. I remember watching documentary on the National Ballet when I was around 11 years old and thinking that dancers were insane to put themselves through all that pain and suffering. I loved to move then and had no idea that I would make that choice. Dance was/is worth every sprain, tear and strain I have encountered. I grew up listening to soul music as my mother loved Marvin Gaye, Al Green, and almost anything from Motown. When I turned 19 I was training to become an actor and I would go to the nightclub at every opportunity. I would dance all night and could attract a crowd. Getting really sweaty...which ironically is what I do in my Purple Pirate polyester "uniform" now.JumpingPP Once most dancers retire they have to step away from dance and recover emotionally. I had to as well. I have had the desire to include more dance into my work for a while but the question was how. My training in ballet and contemporary dance isn't accessible enough for my audiences to connect with let alone participate as it is technical. I started including disco into my shows and the children response is phenomenal. Adults love the music as well. ...some parents can also let down their guard and boogie down as well...which is highly encouraged. This is really fulfilling to have children enjoy the dancing and the moms and dance enjoying themselves as well. Performing is about the audience experience. Art is an expression of the self. It is real treasure for everyone when the two meet...and dance is the diamond in the middle. 140605_dustin_anderson_pitch_0024  

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