Purple Pirate Merchandise

The Purple Pirate is proud of his creative booty (merchandise). We have 3 main design criteria when we create merchandise for our fans.
  • Low environmental impact
  • Made locally
  • Experiential
The Build Your Own Pirate Ship and Build Your Own Pirate Hat are a printed in Vancouver and offer a great team building experience with a parent or older person. Once the building is complete the creative play time begins with this real toy! Each one is card stock so it will last for many adventures. Once the life of the toy is over it can be recycled. Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.47.14 AMThese 13" by 19" booklets are available at Purple Pirate events. 1 kit forĀ $5.00 3 kits for $10.00 2 kits & a box of Crayola Crayons for $10.00 Make sure you bring some loot to the next event you come to so that you can be a pirate too!