Avast ye deckhands!

By December 13, 2013Updates

Avast ye deckhands!

The Purple Pirate has been toiling on creating his new show – Message in a Bottle. He is bringing the live  theatre experience to elementary school students. He has commissioned new crew members this spectacular new show his work.

Composer – Mark Hoeppner
Choreographer – Trevor Klushin
Dramaturge – Andrea Rabinovitch
Vocal Coach – Maryse Chembri
Lighting Specialist – Justin Landry
Lighting Programmer – Dustin Anderson
Magic consultant and world champion magician – Shawn Farquhar

This dramatic production will draw upon the vast performance experience of the Purple Pirate as well as the creative gifts of other local creatives. He is even learning how to levitate!!!

This show will be available in French, Mandarin, Hindi, and other languages. There will be opportunities for first screenings in June. These initial shows will be for an honorarium and permission to film for promotional purposes.

Stay tuned.

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